I appreciate the downloads you provide with each lesson so that I can switch screens and practice while you are teaching. Can I get a Certificate after course completion. hello, i used your video for the indirect drop downs and it was very helpful. Deine installierte Version findest Du unter Datei – Konto oder Datei – Hilfe. One question, I am calculation the available FTE per month with Excel Leave Tracker Template, I have to use the # of work days, how I am going to calculate this value and use it in the summary table. The best, simplest and eastist way of learning excel ….lot of thanks . I have one doubt in the Excel Sir like automating the data from one sheet to another sheet. Dieser Kurs richtet sich hauptsächlich an Excel-Anfänger, ist aber auch für fortgeschrittene Excel-Nutzer interessant, denn gleich zu Anfang gebe ich Dir jede Menge Profi-Tipps mit an die Hand. Mr. SB has taken time, mastered the Excel, excited by its capabilities, organised it and prepared to teach his students in a simple and direct way. Do you have a solution for this? I tried ctrl+F5. Aha! Great Work. Do you provide a certificate of completion? Once a worksheet is protected, you’ll need to enter the password to access it (in case a password has been applied). Fantastic! Eine Übersicht der 180+ häufigsten Excel Funktionen. So which professional online courses are available to help me get those Excel skills? AOK now. I truly wish to appreciate your way of teaching and effort you put in while creating these videos. Sumit -the way you explained formulas its amazing. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity of learning this courses free and I hope it will be a successful experience. Wow I love learning opportunities as this hope to really know this Excel. Thanks for helping! Greetings from Long Beach CA. It makes sure you have a rock-solid foundation and then covers advanced Excel concepts that will make you an Excel Wizard. Lessons are available in our Courses and with a Campus Pass.… Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity. Considering the internet is filled with free and inexpensive classes, it makes sense that you can find a wide range of Microsoft Excel tutorials to guide you through the process. How can I be able to download the book? Absolutely great videos and your style of teaching is amazing and easy to follow. As a beginner, you can get a first impression of Excel with video lessons on YouTube. Are these courses still available? Where are the exercises for each module to practice the lessons? Yes they are, try to connect to WiFi and try again to access. However, if you want to invest more time in a professional learning course (with certificate), you may find better learning opportunities elsewhere. There is no restriction, Watched the first video and it’s wonderful. Is there a video for Power BI. I have been using it for years but know very little about it full power. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I created some data in Sheet 1, Cell A1 (in Excel 2016), and I linked these contents of Sheet 1 to Sheet 2, Cell A1. This is related to vlookup. Glad you’re finding the Excel course useful. Excel Exposure is a self-paced online Excel training course designed to help you learn more about the features and functionality of Microsoft Excel. Is this a certification course ? This is a self-paced, fully online course, teaching you how to program and run experiments using the z-Tree programming environment for economic experiments. In this video of this Free Excel training, I will show you how you can lock cells or protect worksheets and workbooks in Excel. Wonder you have free online course for Microsoft word training just like this excel course. How long it takes to complete the course. thank you dear. Employers, join the thousands of other companies in the UK and increase your employees productivity with our online Excel course.. 1.. You can track the progress of your staff in real time from your desktop. Please guide. Hello Morgan, There was some minor update going on which prevented the videos from loading. Hi Sumit! In this video of this Free Excel Training, you will learn about the following LOOKUP and REFERENCE formulas: In this video of this Free Excel Training, you will learn about the following STAT formulas: In this video of this Free Excel Training, you will learn about the following TEXT formulas: In this video of this Free Excel Training, you will learn about the following DATE and TIME formulas: In this video of this Free Excel Training, I will show you some advanced formula examples that involves using one or more than functions. Ovaj kurs možete slušati i online putem Skajpa. Thank you so much for the kind words Fiona.. Sir aapka smjhane ka way bot best hai kya Excel video hindi version mai avilabel hai….if yes please send me link on my email id…..sharma,krit09@gmail.com. It’s bravo and majestic. Anybody can cll me… How’s will be start. Dear Palak, Siri connected me to your excel Tutorial program and many thanks. This video covers two detailed examples of creating dynamic charts from scratch, Example 1 – Creating a dynamic chart that updates as soon as you use the scroll bar to change the year value.Example 2 – Creating a dynamic chart that plots the data on a scatter chart based on the column you select. Thank you so much for the kind word Paramveer I only focus on MS Excel. Thanks a lot sir for making it available now for free. Thank you. We glad to have this guide for our reference to learn the Excel free. This is amazing tutorial and excellent instructor, I loved, thank you so much it’s absolutely life saving. How much time it will take to complete. Corporate Employees Online Excel Course. You don’t need it in these videos…I got it . In this video of this Free Online Excel Training, you will learn how to get started with Excel formulas. Your sessions are awesome and its a great learning for all of us. are these courses really free? If not, then what should we do to get a certificate for our learnings ? I tried to clean data by using the methods suggested by you in one of your lesson. If you’re looking for more advanced courses, check these – https://trumpexcel.com/learn-excel/. Sreeraj C, any certificate from your side after free training. This includes accounting, financial planning, valuation and business intelligence. Just click on a video and start watching. Paramveer Sidhu. You get to watch each and every lesson absolutely free (and as many times as you want). How refreshing it is to hear you speak (not too fast, nor too slow) in a manner that is clear and understanding. Thank you. This page gives you access to a completely FREE Online Excel Training (26 video lessons with 12+ hours of learning). Contains are clear and crisp. It helps me alot. O I am so excited! We explain the two options and their differences below. Understanding the program, therefore, enables fast and efficient work in a scientific context. Thanks you so much to all those who had given great platform to learn the Excel and various things….. Hello, Thanks for training and good experience and thanks a lot . Excellent platform and tutorials for beginners. You are a fantastic man to offer your services to educate those that need to learn about excel …. In this video of this Free Online Excel training, I will show you how to use some tricks to create advanced charts in Excel. Waaw Mr. Sumit! Thanks and Blessings. Thanks. They seems to be freezed. Programmers: Even if most software developers don't work with VBA, each programmer should be able to master the basics of this widely-used calculation program. Hi Sumit..The content and the communication are nothing less than excellent. I’m a fan of Excel. highlight the cells you want to enter the information in, type the information then press CTRL+Enter, I would like to learn the importance of this course which helps me in resume as an addon and can be fast in computer operations with Latest knowledge. It is very easy to follow and is a great brush up for my rusty skills. That’s great. This course and the site has nothing to do with anything except Excel. Thanks heaps for this whole website, it’s the best! When you’re done with the course, I guarantee you’ll be able to do a lot more in Excel in a fraction of the time. Can it be used better than tally for inventory management. Thanks. Your hard work and dedication have brought positive changes in learning excel. This page gives you access to a completely FREE Online Excel Training (26 video lessons with 12+ hours of learning). You can format data in Excel to make it look better and to highlight some data points. He is the founder of Computergaga and YouTube channel. Thanks. This is a free course so no certificate is issued for completing it. I promise to recommend it to friends too. Now I have a question, not about your course, but if you coluld solve this problem I would be grateful. In this video of this Free Online Excel Training, you will learn about tools that can help you when working with data in Excel. I’m looking for tutorials on what to do say when you run a SQL query and have a huge data dump in excel . I will be taking your course. I guess I need to upgrade excel with 2013 version. Well, this was before I came across your page and started learning . Excel Our Excel tutorials are designed to help you use Excel to analyze data on any level. Thank you Sumit for giving us your time and teaching us Excel. Learn to write documents, take notes, create spreadsheets, and more. Your or anyone’s help is deeply appreciated. I will write credit to your name and mention your website any other services you offer. I have done accounting and finance in the past so I feel this is really needed for my growth and career. From finance to forecasting, learn Excel and build your career. I believed this free Excel Tutorials will help me a lot to land my home-based job. Sumit, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, I am fully retired 5 years now. May God bless your excel training. Dear Sir, I need help in conditional formatting. In this lesson, I cover the following topics: In this video of this Free Online Excel Training, you will learn all about number formatting in Excel. Thanks for commenting… Glad you are finding the videos useful! is there a restriction in the number of times that once can view a particular video lesson? Can we use these on our company LMS? Course providers range from universities and companies (e.g. I have also divided these into 7 modules. Is there a phone number where I can contact anyone if necessary? As the course is targeting beginners, it has been developed to be very easy to follow. is there a book covering this course? Your videos and instructions are fantastic, they are easy to understand, not cumbersome or a burden to watch and your instruction is simple and precise. Also, refresh the page (hold the control key and then hit the F5 key). Diese werden anhand von Anwendungsbeispielen und teilweise auch durch Videos erklärt. Must be a way to get around it? Thank you. This is so user friendly. Can you try again Rose? Wonderful contribution you are making. Good afternoon., I want to be Expert in Excel. Scientists: Data analysis in almost all sciences (for example, statistical correlations) can be represented with the Microsoft software. Thank you so much for this structured and comprehensive Excel Tutorials which I found very informative, and the best part of it is that it is totally free. I would really appreciate ur response. In case you find the videos useful and would like to support me, you can buy me a coffee ☕. Will I be graded/ receive a certificate of completion? However, when I use my laptop at home (also Excel 2016) and try to DOUBLE-CLICK when I am in Sheet 2 in order to quickly go back to Sheet 1, Cell A1, instead of linking me to Sheet 1, the cursor is just blinking in Sheet 2. Not very many people will offer their services for free in this day and age. Thank you so much Sumit. W 15 krókich lekcjach zostały przedstawione podstawy, które przydają się w pracy w programie Excel. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel. Thankyou so much for your knowledge and efforts Sir. Yes, Sumit it is exciting to Join with your Free Excell training videos. Thank you for this three tutorial. My adblocker was preventing the videos from appearing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone. How to count that How much AHU, Chiller & Boiler’s point in my sheet. Thank you for EXCELLENT tutorials. Für den Einsteiger oder zum Fortbilden - Schritt für Schritt Excel lernen mit Screenshots. This will gonna really helpful to people who want to learn excel online for free. I have a small problem with vlookup i am getting few errors on few cell and i am unable to solve the issue can u pls help me, Hello I want to create a business cards alphabetical file Is there any tips you can give me to make it easier. Your website provides excellent insight in Excel which is very useful for every type of end user. Bilo da ste početnik ili napredni korisnik, online kurs Excel obuhvata oblasti koje je su vam neophodne za stručan rad u ovom programu. If not what books do you recommend to learn Excel for work? Many thanks to the instructor. Could you please fix it? The problem lies in the fact that on the “datalist” worksheet Column A defines the value list which should be displayed when selecting the value for Column A on the “dataentry” but that I want to see the full description from Column B from the “datalist” sheet in my dropdown list. There used to be a feature in excel that let you send the sheet to a list of people to add data in a sequence – is this still available?