Learn more. The CHE ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in the German-speaking world and includes facts about studies, teaching, equipment and research as well as the students' assessment of the study conditions at their institutions. Data protection. Berlin, 05 May 2020. 56 Zurich. The CHE Ranking; Financial Times Rankings ... Search results of university rankings Shanghai, QS, Times and Leiden. Ratings from master’s students will be published in the fall of 2020. CHE Ranking of German universities. The CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking available in the German-speaking area. In the CHE University Ranking you can find valuable information for your choice of the right subject of study and the university in Germany fitting best for you. CHE University Ranking: The Survey starts in December 2020. WHU: Top Rating in CHE Master’s Ranking 2020 In regard to the use of pictorial material: use of such material in this press release is remuneration-free, provided the source is named. In this year’s winter semester the students of these study programmes are being questioned: Mathematics/Business Mathematics, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Physics, Biology,Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geography, Earth Sciences/Biogeosciences, Sports and Politics. Instead, it is based on the assumption that results obtained using the various assessment criteria cannot be aggregated and, consequently, it is not possible to determine which university is the best. The ranking results are based on facts as well as assessments by 120,000 students and 3,000 professors. Shanghai 2020. Search university ranking results by fields in Shanghai, QS, Times and Leiden rankings. The special evaluation was carried out with regard to the changed conditions of studying and digital teaching during the corona restrictions. KU in top group of CHE university ranking 2020. More than 100,000 students have given their opinion on the current CHE Hochschulranking to help future students decide. All institutions and universities. HHL’s Master at top of CHE Ranking 2020. For the CHE University Ranking 2020, the subjects Business Administration, Economics, Business Studies, Business Information Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management, Law, Business Law, and Social Work were examined. According to the CHE, the ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed university comparison in the German-speaking world, with around 120,000 students surveyed and more than 300 universities and higher education institutions included in the survey. The material may be used only in connection with the contents of this press release. ... University Rankings Results. Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous. It includes more than 300 universities and institutions of higher learning and collects data from around 120,000 students. It is the most extensive university ranking in Germany. We are looking forward to you sharing your impressions at Ulm University. Unlike other ranking lists, the CHE ( Centrums für Hochschulentwicklung) ranking list does not rate universities on the basis of the total number of points that they receive. Learn more. 20 ETHZ. HHL scored again top marks in this year’s CHE Ranking 2020 in six of eight categories for its Master programs: The CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) university ranking is considered the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world. The Bachelor in Management received top marks in these areas, among others: general study situation, interdisciplinary references within the course offerings, adequate participant numbers within the course. In the university ranking published today by the CHE University Ranking, ESCP Business School is listed in the top group in several categories. CHE Hochschulranking 2020 - Your opinion is important! In September, CHE published a special evaluation as part of the CHE master student survey conducted for the ranking of master’s degree programs 2020. The invitation is sent by the University of Jena.